Go me!

Just presented my thesis on monday. There are minor revisions I’m working on, but all in all I’ve finally finished uni, and will be graduating in October. Huzzah!!

Unfortunately, my research not only cost me some money, it also cost me my job. After doing revisions, while hunting for full time job, I also need to have 2 part-time to get my finance on balance. ::sobs:: Hopefully, I’ll get a good job now that I have a degree. ::cross fingers::

Eid Festival is coming, while it’s a very happy occasion for us Muslims, but coming back home and helping my family with its preparation is going to be very tiring. And right now I’m psychologically and physically exhausted, I shudder to think of it. I lost 3 days of fasting because I was a nervous wreck and nauseous almost all the time. Serve me right, I guess, procrastinating then cramping a semester works into 2 months, doh. Better to snatch several days to just laze around and pamper my self, I suppose.

I sneaked a peek on SYC just now, OMG!!!!!! a- nation! SM town! I didn’t read any articles, just gave it a quick look, else the boys charms bewitched me. Still need to work on that revisions, y’know! I risked it because Alou made me remember them! Alou who has been practically the sole maintainer of helping me with 3hree_love community on LJ sent me a message said she’ll be busy and needs help updating the comm. So here I am now, asking for helps. Anyone? Interested in maintaining a JYJ community? Or just posting some news of the boys? Pleaase help us (and by us I mean Alou DX).

So that’s it flash news of Pru’s life.

I’m going away again and don’t know when I’ll be back.

Wish me luck with my life (I need it -_-)

blah blah blah….

I can’t believe the cockamamie on SYC is still going on. They go round and round discussing the same things, arguing semantics and insulting each others. I just disabled the comments subscription because I can feel my IQ going down reading it =/

To tweet or not to tweet. That is the question.

I haven’t checked twitter out yet. It was because all of my friends use it. My anti-trend reflex kicked in when they raved and raved about it to me. But, after the success of w-inds. Twitter project, I kinda regret that I wasn’t part of it. There’s another project coming and I’m still a bit uncertain. Most likely I’ll cave in though, because this is our way to convince Vision Factory to create w-inds. Official International fanclub.

Miss A!!!

Oh yeah! New group I’m definitely stanning. Perhaps it’s a bit too soon, but their Bad Girl, Good Girl is soooo good. It’s a bit repetitive and has no climax, but very good nonetheless.  And they don’t have weak link. All of them sing very well, their dancing is awesome, and they’re all very pretty. When I saw the MV, I thought that Min is the fiercest of them all. But when I saw their performance in Mnet Countdown, Fei owned it. She got the sex appeal and was very confident on stage. Suzy really stood out too. I was a bit leery when I found out she’s only 16. But at least she’s the only minor. I really like Jia’s pink hair. Curiously though, her pink her doesn’t make her stand out the most to me. It shows that the others have very strong presence that Jia’s hair doesn’t overwhelm them.


Cleaning gone awry

So, I was cleaning and tidying my room today. It went very well until my OCD personality thought that rearranging my books and mangas according to author’s last names was a good idea. I took them out of the shelves and started sorting. Well, at least I tried too. Looking at some old books made me remember how good they are and  I ended up rereading Elantris instead. And as usual, when I read, I concentrate on the book and forget about my surroundings. When I stopped reading, it was afternoon already and when I look around, my room was messier than before I did the cleaning.
I wasn’t in the mood to continue sorting the books. So I put them on the shelves as tidy as I can. I have to continue this tomorrow though, or I will have difficulty finding specific books and that’d be nightmare.

Let’s close this with JaeKei

Comments are very much appreciated =)


Kangta said on “Announcement for the Establishment of Improved Entertainment Contracts.”

“It’s been 15 years since I’ve debuted with H.O.T. I never left my company in those 15 years and I had four contracts. I will continue being with this company for 10 or more years.”

He continued, “It’s rare for someone to keep a contract with one company for 15 years so I always get questions regarding why I renew my contract. The answer and reason is that I feel the work I do with my company is fair.”

He added, “Since I was in H.O.T, I had a huge interest in overseas promotions. SM had success in China and more Asian countries. They also have an access to the Japanese market so it’s a company I need. SM has fair decisions so I’m with them.”

Whoa… nice move SM. Considering Kangta’s fame as respected veteran singer, it’s a very nice move indeed. If only fans don’t already know that he owns a large chunk of SM shares, and that there were rumors saying that his first SM shares was his compensations for staying when H.O.T disbanded, this might actually work in swaying public opinions.

I can’t help but be suspicious that he’s aiming at JYJ when he said that SM is fair. From his POV, maybe, but TVXQ has 1 contract for 13 years while he had 4 in 15. So it can’t be compared really. Can’t dispute 3rd paragraph though, SM does have  kickass PR.

Life sucks, but I move on ^_^v

There was another screaming match on Saturday with ex bf. He accused me of cheating (the fuck!?!) and prefer to be with my friends than with him.

I wonder where’s Edwin I used to know. I’m not entirely innocent in our breaking up, but I don’t think I deserve his accusations either.

Oh well…. here’s my history with him.

I’ve known him for almost a year. He’s close friends with Rizal, who’s in my gang. My gang is a mismatch of

  1. bookish geek, part time shy girl, full time flirt Pru(me),
  2. nerdy David, who greets the gang in private  with ‘Live long and prosper’ complete with hand gesture but is too self conscious to do that in public. Thank god,
  3. social butterfly Aisha, who befriends everyone from the dean to my neighbor’s grumpy cat,
  4. independent woman Rahma,  she’s my gal, my confidante in matters of the heart, my devil’s advocate and my tormentor rolled into one.
  5. mature Rizal, who’s always been dependable to bail me out from messes I make since high school.

When Rizal struck a friendship with Edwin, he started to hang out with us and he fit in right away. He’s bookish too and has what I can only call as Brit’s wit. We both like fantasy than SF, so we ganged up on David, who’s been badgering me to convert to SF (because fantasy usually revolves around magic and he’s an unbeliever). I liked him a lot, I wasn’t head over heels in love with him, but I was very fond of him, so we started going out. It was great at first, then after a month he started to…hover. It started slowly then it escalated. He picked me up from class, from work, drive me everywhere, and call me several times a day even after he just left me. I was a bit naïve and thought that he was just being attentive boyfriend on the side of clingy. I told him he needed to take a step back and I’d like us to hang out with the gang a bit more because we had been kinda neglecting them and I needed some me time too. I phrased it much more nicely, of course, because I didn’t want to hurt his feeling. But he just didn’t understand. So a week later I broke up with him for good.

Well, after seeing him in hysterics in 2 public scenes now I think he’s kinda unstable. Especially with the wild accusations of me cheating on him with R and D (I don’t know with which one or both, he was rambling @_@). I got scared. Luckily, the gang was there this time and it ended quickly after D and R showed him their Neanderthal sides. He’s now persona non-grata in our circles. I hope he got the message and stay away from me.

On to lighter stuff~

“Hi, baby. Don’t you know me? I need super lover tonight.”

I AM JEALOUS!!!! This sounds like so much fun!!! I want! I want! I want! Ahh… if only I could grow wings and fly to Japan T^T And their goodies are always gorgeous too. At least those I can get. Prayer performance sounds intriguing X] Militaristic! Ash said it’s like a tribute to Lady Gaga or Madonna, but militaristic perf reminds me of MJ instead. Ahhh….. Ash and Melissa are so lucky to follow w-inds. all around Japan for their summer tour. Though it puts their finance In the Red (kekeke, pun intended)

By the wayyyyyyyyyy………… I’ve watched KAT-TUN(-A)  perf on Mnet. The auto tune is annoying but the song is addictive. Downloaded it and it’s been on loop since this morning alternating with Miss A XD. KATTUN’s choreo is like change position here, robotic move there, and just let your body follow the music the rest of the perf. LoL. Very all over the place but entertaining nonetheless. Koki is so greasy and cocky I don’t know whether I want to kiss him or smack him in the face. And I think Mr.Cameraman loves Maru a bit too much XD


Another Day Another Drama? Same Shit Different Day?

IDEK anymore. TVXQ fandom is going down the drain IMO.

It’s no secret I’m siding with JYJ regarding the lawsuits. But, everytime there were fanwars discussions about it I’ve always been neutral and defended JYJ and HoMin both when the blaming game began. The blaming game began because fans are angry that they’re denied TVXQ, but guess what, TVXQ is a closed chapter for me. I’ll be delighted if they reunite someday, but I’m not holding my breath. I held my breath at the beginning but did reality check then decided I should breathe before I die for lack of oxygen. I’ve also tried to believe blindly (AKTF!!1!), needless to say, not-so-religious-me couldn’t stand that at all. So instead of getting trampled between the warring fans, I’m out of defense team, ignore blamers, and join the cheerleaders! That’s right, cheerleader! Not cheering the fans to kill each other of course, but cheering the boys!

JYJ sue SM millions of dollars ::cheers::

JYJ work with KanyeLand ::shake pompom::

Sexy Ho for mags ::oh yeah!do cartwheels:

Minnie on catwalk ::scream!do backjump::

Stupid fans coming my way ::runs to opposite direction::

In supporting them as artists, I admit I’m very picky. My main interest lies in music. Not drama, musical or modeling. I won’t purchase their drama DVD nor merchandise nor mags, but albums and concert DVDs are must buy. Singles & vacation DVDs are optional.

Their other activities I usually respond with “oh, you wanna try that huh? Good luck. I’ll check it out later” If it’s new songs I’ll be like “omg!omg! Exsytedd!!!” LoL

That’s why I’d like to tell homin to please hurry release new songs too. I want to hear you sing, not drama or musical. I’m sorry to say that I’m not very enthusiastic with Goong nor PM, I’m just not into it at all. SM town will whet my appetite a bit, but I need new songs. ASAP. I’m losing interest in you guys. And it saddens me very much.

Let’s close this long babble post with…

Kei’s sexy abs =D

That sheen of sweat on his hip is distracting.
In a very good way  😉

And the shit’s just keep on rolling….

I don’t know much about law beyond what John Grisham sprouts in his novels, but it isn’t surprising that JYJ is FINALLY filing for contracts termination and compensations.  The money involved is quite mind blogging for a poor student like me (almost $ 10 mil DX only $1 mil (screw you korean media)), but I’m sure as hell JYJ deserve EVERY SINGLE PENNY.  I know that it will only affirm antis that they’re doing it only for money, that they’re greedy money grabber etc etc.,  but then again…  SO WHAT!?!  They earned that money with their talents, hardwork and dedications. Who would want to work their asses off and then only get 10% of what they’re worth anyway? And don’t forget that they still have to divide that by five, and that means they only got 2 % in the end O_o Okay, maybe I can name at least 2 people who would, but :wince: let’s not start on them.

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Hello world!

And thus I succumb to temptation….